Empty Houses


Empty Houses

Are you aware of an empty house or an abandoned home? Generally, an empty house will be privately owned but the owner is long since deceased. Empty houses can lead to an abundance of problems including vermin such as rats or possibly even squatters. This is a major problem across some parts of the country and as some estates can stay on the Bona Vacantia List for thirty years, what started off as your curiosity will soon become a major problem for those living in the vacinity of an empty house.

Fleetwood Empty Houses Services

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Reporting an Empty House

One part of the service we provide is dealing with empty homes. Knowing the whereabouts of an empty house is a good starting point for genealogical research. Call or email our genealogy team to see if we can assist, otherwise use our quick contact form below. We will endeavour to find the family and ensure they obtain the required Letters of Administration in order to deal quickly with the problem.

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Are you aware of an empty house or an abandoned home?

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