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Family Tree Research

We are able to offer a complete family tree research service. We can create your family tree for you. You can choose whether we research both sides of your family, i.e both maternal and paternal, right back to the 1800’s. Our research will give you a superb insight into your family history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleetwood Family Tree Research Services

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Hire a Genealogy Specialist

If you would like to hire a Genealogist to help you then the first step is for us to provide you with a free estimate. Submit your details and we will come back to you within 48 hours with a detailed estimate of the work and costs involved.

In order to maximise the possibilities of successful genealogy research it is always best to have a goal. For example it may be that you have researched a certain branch of your family tree however you have perhaps reached a point in the family history or genealogy research which you cannot overcome.

Our Genealogist, which you can hire, will be available to help you reach your goal. We will use our experience and the expertise of our Genealogy team to not only reach your goal but to set you on the right path for further research.


Once you have created your family tree our framing service will turn your whole family tree into a framed work of art. A wonderful gift for any occasion, whether wedding anniversary, Xmas or birthday. The frames can be made with special light reflective glass ensuring the family tree will remain in superb condition for generations to come. Visit our shop to see some of the frames available.

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We are able to offer a complete family tree research service

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