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Heir Hunting

Heir Hunting simply put is the process of tracing heirs to an estate. Typically, this could be an estate that is Unclaimed Estates otherwise perhaps it could be tracing heirs to an estate distributed in a Will. We have a full range of Heir Hunting Services.

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Heir Hunting

If you have watched the Heir Hunting program on the TV, then we regret to advise it is not all as fancy as the TV portrays. Typically, unclaimed estates are small. People with large estates do tend to make wills and thus their estates do not go unclaimed. The type of persons whose estate is unclaimed is the type with just as few thousand in the bank who thought it was unnecessary to make a will. This does not mean there are not exceptions to this rule, owning a property is something that has increased exponentially over the past thirty years as such the value of unclaimed estates will certainly rise over the next 30 years. More money for the Government!

Our research

The world we live in has been dramatically digitised over the least ten years so most of our research is carried out either by searching electronic databases or by purchasing wills, birth, death and marriage certificates. Searching micro fiche scans as they do on the TV is somewhat of a myth. We carry out research to ensure any heir that we trace is the rightful person. Family knowledge is also a vital part of our research. When we trace family members and then make contact with them, their knowledge could be the vital or missing information that we require in order to conclude the matter.

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Family knowledge is a vital part of our research

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